inclusive living

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Finally we managed to get a video made of the adaptations to the flat – thanks to Felix Gonzales.

I will continue to add to it and explain the choice of some household things.

In comparison to an apartment – here’s the video of my friend, Donna’s, house and how her house is adapted for her and her family’s needs.


Did I go over the top with the kitchen tap

•April 16, 2009 • 2 Comments
kitchen tap

kitchen tap

Tomorrow is d day and Steve and co promised me that it will be all done tomorrow morning and I can move all my stuff. Move all in one day. I go to Paris the day after so it has to be all in one day.

The OT came today with her colleague – they are sure I couldn’t do the way I want it done. I find it a bit difficult to counter their persistence that they know best – they keep insisting on a plan to scale. So I have asked my architect friend, Gregory Cowan, to help me with a detailed plan to scale. And I ve received a document on guidance on direct payments – the onus is on them to prove how the way I want to do my wet room is not safe or useful for me not for me to prove how it would be.

Its time to go to bed now, tomorrow is the day I move into MY own flat.

building the kitchen

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I am beginning to panic a little. I have to move out by friday and there is still lot’s to be done.

They are now putting in the kitchen, I must say I may have gone over the top with the kitchen tap but I struggle with taps and with this I can do it single handedly.

I ve bought a sofa bed, a work unit, a fridge, bathroom sink and they are all in flat pack in the spare room. Yet to arrive is the induction hob and the combination oven.

the ramps are hardly noticeable…

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“The ramps are hardly noticeable,”says one of my neighbours who came in for an inspection, “they feel integral to the floor plan.”

And they are. I am now busy looking at worktops, kitchen appliances and all sorts. I just found out that when I said I did not want the units, the builders got rid of the ceramic hob too! It went into the skip. Ouch! So I have to buy a new hob – ceramic or induction?

The IKEA units don’t quite fit the dimensions of my kitchen, the way I want the hob lowered for me. It looks like I have to commission Steve to build it for me. We are going to buy the worktops and the kitchen sink tomorrow.

Here is the stage where the flat is at now – with the pictures.

Style or comfort

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electric bed

electric bed

I was offered very kindly an electric bed.I am not sure that this is the style of bed I would have opted for if \I was on my own but my common sense prevailed. It would be so good for my back. Isn’t there a saying ‘not to look a gift horse in the month’? I can always jazz it up.

Floorboards down!

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It is really full steam ahead now with Steve and his team – he promised to be finished on Monday. I went to have a look today – the beginnings of the ramp

floor boards

floor boards



beginning of ramp

beginning of ramp

Choosing colour for floorboards

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Today I went to see the progress on the flat – Steve asked me to choose colour to put on the floor boards. We chose dark oak, against Jacobean which has unhappy connotations for me.

Samilia was at hand to video the visit.